~ Phones ~

We supply business phones with great calling rates

All of our phone plans rely on internet connectivity to secure our calling rates. Don’t worry; we can help. We can organise internet and/or phone installation into your premise, along with great internet and phone pricing.

~ Phones for single sites ~

1-50+ business phone lines

We save our clients between 20-80% off their current monthly phone bills utilising the latest phone technology (VoIP). We can also provide copper solutions to those without reliable internet, or who otherwise wish to stay with their copper line.


~ Phones for multiple sites ~

Customised phone solutions for bigger business

Feature rich phones and with free calling between offices no matter which country, island or location your business is split across. We will connect your multiple sites simply and easily with a customised solution to suit the needs of your business, while getting the most out of today’s features to help your business run smoothly.

~ NZ toll free numbers ~

Competitive pricing for 0508 & 0800 numbers

We can include your toll free number with your phone package or offer you a standalone toll free calling option.


~ Cloud PBX phone features ~

Feature-rich to suit your business

We can set you up with the best features available from our cloud PBX phone systems and get your business streamlined. Our feature-rich phones offer all the options, from hunt groups to a simultaneous ringing on your cellphone and landline.

~ VoIP NZ (Voice over internet protocol) ~

VoIP refers to a phone system that operates on the internet. It’s fast becoming the new standard across New Zealand.

With a VoIP phone system, we can dramatically reduce your calling rates and provide you with phones that work from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a stable internet connection).  This allows for greater flexibility in working conditions, allowing staff to work from home including in the event of a disaster.