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Cloud Edge can provide phone solutions for 1-20+ lines and we aim to save you money; often between 20-80% off your current phone costs.

With internet and IT support as optional add-ons, your business can rely on one single provider looking after your vital business needs.

Our phone plans utilise VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) which is the latest industry standard for cost-effective telecommunications. VoIP uses your internet connection to transmit the voice data, resulting in high definition, quality calls and exceptionally competitive calling rates. Although our standard phone system is VoIP, we can also provide copper solutions to those without reliable internet or who otherwise choose to stay with copper.

VoIP is feature-rich. See our Cloud PBX page for an almost endless list of additional functionality that can be provided at no extra cost, from call waiting to secure encrypted calls, to call queueing, Caller ID and much more.

Our phone solutions can integrate with existing on-site PABX systems by providing a VoIP gateway giving you the benefits of reduced monthly billing, while retaining your existing phone system. This is a great option for those who have heavily invested in existing telecommunications systems, e.g. moteliers.

Try out our pricing calculator to see what your monthly bill could be.

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The Basics


For mix and match hardware, please enter the required handset types and quantities in the message section after clicking the next button.

A Couple More Questions

Additonal Minutes?

All plans come standard as “pay per call” model. Local calls – $0.02 | NZ National calls – $0.04 | NZ Mobiles – $0.09. Blocks of 100 standard minutes to NZ landlines or mobiles can be added to any plan. Additional calling beyond the initial selected amount, international and special numbers will be charged based on usage each month. Excludes calls via 0800/0508 numbers if selected.


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Monthly Total (Excluding GST)$

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