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Introducing Smart Cloud by Cloud Edge. Fully managed, enterprise voice solutions with calling to New Zealand landlines and mobiles included*.

With Smart Cloud, there is no need to purchase or maintain a local phone system (PBX), software licensing, maintenance renewals or even a server to run it from. System software, hosting, management – it’s all included in your surprisingly affordable monthly charge, we even include calls to NZ landlines and mobiles on every standard account. Better yet, Smart Cloud has all the usual features we’d expect from a phone system and more.


Try out our calculator to see what Smart Cloud can do for your business.

The Basics

Choose from unlimited calls or pay per call models

“Pay Per Call” model is based on charges per minute and is billed in arrears each month. Costs are: Local calls – $0.02 | NZ National calls – $0.04 | NZ Mobiles – $0.09. International and special numbers will be charged based on usage each month. Excludes inbound calls via 0800/0508 numbers if selected further down.

“Unlimited” model is unlimited calling to standard NZ landline and mobile numbers. Special numbers and international calling is charged per our standard rates and is charged in arrears each month.


For mix and match hardware, please enter the required handset types and quantities in the message section after clicking the next button.

A Couple More Questions

Check out your total below and hit the next button to submit this for our team to get in touch with a quote.

Monthly Total (Excluding GST)

The pricing calculator is based on a 24-month term

Handset Options

Fanvil X3 Deskphone

Our basic deskphone capable of handling 2 lines at a time. This is included with each user by default.

Fanvil X4 Deskphone

Our next step up in deskphones, capable of handling 4 lines at a time. DSS keys for quick transfers and more.

Fanvil X6 Deskphone

Our most advanced deskphone capable of handling 6 lines at a time. Designed for those making lots of calls.

Yealink W60 Cordless

Easy to use cordless phone with base station and seperate charging dock. Base stations can support multiple extra cordless phones.

D9000 DECT Headset

Cordless headset for greater portabilty. Supported on all modles apart from the X3 and cordless phone.

Fanvil X210 Deskphone

Our most advanced deskphone capable of handling 6 lines at a time. Designed for the reception phone of your company.

All of our phone plans rely on internet connectivity to secure our calling rates. Don’t worry; we can help. We can organise internet and/or phone installation into your premise, along with great internet and phone pricing.

VoIP Business Phone Systems Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to make it easy and list any of the common questions we get asked.

What's the cost?

Cost varies depending on your solutions and needs. Rest assured you only pay for what you need. We offer incredibly competitive solutions.

What downtime am I looking at to transfer providers?

In most cases we provide your phones to you early and these can be used for outbound calls. They will automatically switch over for inbound calls. The general downtime can be up to an hour.

Do you have a pool of numbers I can select from?

Yes we can provide local numbers around New Zealand. Please call our team on 0800 303 202 to find a number that will work with your business.

Do I need the internet to run my phones?

Yes. Voice over IP is an internet-based service. We can supply business grade connections that work well with our service.

Do I need a separate Internet connection?

No, however if you are implementing a larger solution on ADSL you may want to consider a separate internet connection for the phones alone.

Does it use a lot of data?

Unlimited plans make this a non-issue. For a single phone call, a minimum of 100Kbps upstream bandwidth is recommended. This is well within the reach of all New Zealand internet plans including mobile 3/4G. However, this is per phone call, so if you have 10 people on an ADSL connection for example, you are using the entire upstream of your ADSL connection.

Can I run VoIP on ADSL? VDSL? Fibre?

Call quality can be compromised on ADSL and VDSL. We don’t recommend large installations on anything other than fibre. Smaller installs are fine on both ADSL & VDSL.

Can I still use my fax machine?

Yes. We can put converters in place, or if your volume of faxes is low, we use a fax to email service.

I've had VoIP before and the call quality was rubbish

This is most often caused by a slower or congested internet network and/or low-quality phone handsets. These low-grade solutions can also cause echoes on the line and call drop offs. Cloud Edge only provides premium quality handsets and our provided internet connections prioritise voice traffic.

Do you have outages?

All companies, unfortunately, suffer outages at some time or other. Planned outages are announced well in advance and we strive for a 99.5% uptime service, including scheduled maintenance.

Does the phone system work in the event of a power outage?

No, however we can put a solution in place which allows for phone calls to be forwarded through to mobile phones.

Who's the support?

We have a Kiwi team based in Wellington who provides support to our clients.

What's the average response time (for support)?

The majority of calls are answered directly by a technician. In the event of high call volume, we have call centre staff who log and prioritise our call tickets.

Who do I call?

We have an NZ team based in Wellington who deal with all your support, billing and product enquiries.

Where is your Cloud PBX server housed?

Our server is hosted in our Wellington data centre and we have provisions for backups in Auckland.

Is support 24/7?

We support business and we provide support during business hours; 24/7 support is available for those that need it. This may incur an additional charge.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes. All New Zealand numbers can be ported.

Can I get overseas numbers?

Yes. We have the ability to procure numbers for most major countries. Please call us on 0800 303 202 to find out more.

Can I add an 0800 number?

Absolutely. Toll free phone numbers can be added to any phone solution hosted by Cloud Edge.

Do you support Australian 1-800 numbers?

Yes we do. Like most international numbers, we can provide toll free numbers from certain countries, including 1-800 for Australia.

Want To Know More About Our Business Phone Systems?

Our VoIP phone plans utilise your internet connection which is the latest industry standard for cost-effective telecommunications resulting in high definition, high-quality calls and exceptionally competitive calling rates.

Our business phone solutions can integrate with existing on-site PABX systems by providing a VoIP gateway giving you the benefits of reduced monthly billing while retaining your existing phone system & phones. This is a great option for those who have heavily invested in existing telecommunications systems, e.g. moteliers.

We offer a wide range of phone handsets which cover most business phone needs. Each of these talk directly to our Cloud PBX hosted here in NZ for the best possible performance and features sets. Business phone handsets can either be bought outright or provided as part of the business phone system in your monthly bill to give the greatest level of flexibility.

Using our NZ Cloud PBX, our business phone solutions provide free calling between offices and seamless transfers from one business phone to another.

Talk to our team today to go through what VoIP solution might work best for your business.

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