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Quality Business Internet Plans

Wide Range of Options

We know that every business is different so we have options that will work just for you. Not one size fits all.

No Limits

All our internet plans include unlimited data or data caps, so the cost doesn’t change month to month.

Business WiFi

We can help with your WiFi network to make sure you get the most out of your internet connection.

Technical Support

We have the knowledge to help you decide on the best option as well as assist with any transfers.

We have great supply channels for getting internet into your premise, which scales on ADSL, VDSL, UFB 100/100 Mbps etc.

If those terms mean little or nothing to you, don’t worry. We’ll make sure your business gets the right plan at the right price.

What you get with our internet plans

All our internet plans include unlimited data or data caps, so you don’t have to worry about large bills with going over your cap. Every connection also comes standard with a static IP address and we can provide larger subnets upon request. Premium options with SLA’s of 6 hours or less are also available. Enterprise solutions are available using CityLink, HSNS or dedicated fibre.

Technical Support Is Right On Hand

Our company has backing in IT, so we can talk the language for you and assist with any transfer of providers. We’ll manage the entire process end to end, including dealing with Chorus on your behalf.

Plan pricing options


$ 109

Per Month

Speeds of up to 24Mbps download

Speeds of up to 1.4Mbps upload

Suitable for 1-2 users

Unlimited data


$ 115

Per Month

Speeds of up to 50Mbps download

Speeds of up to 10Mbps upload

Suitable for 2-6 users

Unlimited data

UFB 100/100Best Value

$ 119

Per Month

More reliable than copper

Speeds of 100Mbps download

Speeds of 100Mbps upload

Suitable for 6-25 users

Unlimited data

UFB 950/450

$ 149

Per Month

More reliable than copper

Speeds of 950Mbps download

Speeds of 450Mbps upload

Suitable for 25+ and heavy internet uses

Unlimited data


$ 495

Per Month

Dedicated connection

Speeds of 1000Mbps download

Speeds of 1000Mbps upload

Suitable for 25+ and heavy internet uses

Unlimited data

Business Grade WiFi

Have you found areas in your workplace where your internet connection doesn’t work, or just drops off for no reason?

People often think these are internet issues but if you’re on the right plan for your business, it’s not your internet, but your WiFi that’s not performing.


WiFi is not the same as internet

We find many businesses are operating with inadequate Wi-Fi with bad signal, dropping in and out, or running very slow.


Your WiFi is responsible for making the most out of your internet plan and on top of this, it needs to cope with the number of users and devices connected to it, handle your coverage area, perform beyond signal obstructions (like dividing walls) and keep up with the activity of different users and their demands.

WiFi is what really needs to deliver

Your WiFi is also responsible for transmitting the signal of your network which allows you access to local resources, like your files and applications, as well as the internet.


It’s no wonder in a lot of cases it’s not performing like it should, huh? The demands are pretty high and in a lot of cases, users have been provided with pretty average hardware.

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