Dedicated Business Internet

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Dedicated Fibre

Dedicated fibre gives you uncontested internet not shared with anyone else. Your connection is solely between you and us, making this the fastest possible internet connection you will ever get.

You can then purchase internet bandwidth from our data centre to the internet, or use the fibre as part of a WAN service to other locations you may have.

Chorus Bitstream 3/3a

Bitstream 3/3a use the same Chorus fibre as your standard UFB connections. The biggest difference is that these connections come with an increased CIR and/or EIR for your internet. Standard Chorus connections only have a CIR of 2.5Mbps and Bitstream 3 can increase this to 100MBPS. Bitstream 3a allows for your EIR to go up to 1000MBPS.


Citylink is a premium provider of fibre in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. As Citylink channel partners, we can provide either access ports direct from Citylink as well as premium internet connections over the Citylink network. We can also provide dark fibre and WAN solutions via the Citylink network.

High Speed Network Service (HSNS)

HSNS is a Chorus NZ brand name for a family of high-speed, business grade access products, not a specific technology in itself. Choose from either Basic or Enterprise service offerings. Basic is delivered over copper, while the Enterprise is delivered over fibre.


HSNS services are hassle free as they terminate in Ethernet and support multiple real world IPs and internet routing. The bandwidth is committed and services are synchronous, meaning faster and more stable internet than current ADSL services. HSNS is available in approximately 70% of locations in NZ, with Basic being more prevalent than Enterprise due to the level of copper deployments around New Zealand.