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Business Grade WiFi

Have you found areas in your workplace where your internet connection doesn’t work, or just drops off for no reason?

People often think these are internet issues but if you’re on the right plan for your business, it’s not your internet, but your WiFi that’s not performing.

WiFi is not the same as internet

We find many businesses are operating with inadequate Wi-Fi with bad signal, dropping in and out, or running very slow.

Your WiFi is responsible for making the most out of your internet plan and on top of this, it needs to cope with the number of users and devices connected to it, handle your coverage area, perform beyond signal obstructions (like dividing walls) and keep up with the activity of different users and their demands.

Your WiFi is also responsible for transmitting the signal of your network which allows you access to local resources, like your files and applications, as well as the internet.

It’s no wonder in a lot of cases it’s not performing like it should, huh? The demands are pretty high and in a lot of cases, users have been provided with pretty average hardware.

So How Do I Fix My WiFi?

Most Wi-Fi units you get from your internet provider don’t have enough power to cover large areas or penetrate walls. You need to know what you have and what you need and you’ll find this out with a site audit.

During a site audit, our technical team visits your site and walks around with some testing gear. We’ll pick up your dead spots and ask you some questions to determine how many Wi-Fi access points and what type of Wi-Fi you’ll need to replace your existing ISP-based router.

Signal strength is key to getting the Wi-Fi layout correct.

Get started with an audit for $150 + GST today (currently Wellington region only. Further areas POA).

What Type Of WiFi Units Are Available?

Today’s WiFi units are all shapes and sizes. Different types can be added both indoors and outdoors to give coverage where it’s needed.

The more common unit is the indoor unit that can be mounted to the ceiling or wall, depending on what’s going to give you the best coverage.

Wireless technology is known best for connecting laptops, tablets and phones but increasingly our clients are using WiFi to create a network between buildings where running a cable can be too expensive.

Talk to our team today and find out what’s going to work best for your business.