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All your problems can be sorted, with no fuss.

Our process below, works to highlight your issues (all of them), identify your needs and set you up with solid support and systems you can count on, now and going forward. Have a read through and when you’re ready, get in touch with us to get started.

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~ Let’s start with your IT audit ~

An IT Audit is an independent evaluation of technology and business processes to ensure these two elements have kept pace and match your business’ requirements.

Often when technology is deployed it suits the current situation but doesn’t evolve as technology and business requirements change. For this reason there is real value to be gained from an IT audit.

Cloud Edge specialises in matching technology and processes with your business strategy. We put together a plan which uses technology and process improvement to match your business strategy.

We then monitor this to ensure your business continues to benefit from a strong technology and strategy alignment.

We’re right there with you, now and as your business grows.

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~ Let’s create your roadmap ~

Here’s where we identify where your business is going and offer suggestions.

A 1-3 year plan is created, based on where you’re taking your business and how your IT is going to help you best along the way. An example would be if your goal is six new staff members by the end of the year. In this case, what do you need to start thinking about here and now, in order to prepare for that? e.g. Does the email platform you’re using scale to allow for those new users?

We’ll help you prepare your roadmap for what lies ahead for your business.

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~ Project plan needed ~

The longer term IT needs of your company are broken down into what’s needed and when. This way achievable segments are prioritised and planned for which limits down time and ensures the order of priority is clear. Overall risks to your business are minimal or non-existent with a solid project plan in place.

CloudEdge-4implementation our process - CloudEdge 4implementation 300x300 - Our Process

~ Implement solutions  ~

Immediate needs are put in place urgently. Longer term work is scheduled for specific dates and carried out in accordance with the project plan.

CloudEdge-5review our process - CloudEdge 5review 300x300 - Our Process

~ Yearly review ~

Businesses are constantly evolving so after 12 months we review your systems and your project plan to ensure your needs are still being met. At this time we’ll also see if we can identify any cost savings, passing these on to you.

The prime purpose of the review stage is to ensure your IT requirements continue to be implemented on an uninterrupted, unhindered course and it’s business as usual for you, with no nasty IT surprises.

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~ Change? ~

If your business has changed from your initial roadmap, back to the roadmap we go. Examples here would include a change of premises, additional staff, you’ve bought a new business, identified new markets or altered your business focus.

If change has occurred, the roadmap is revisited and the project plan is subsequently altered, to ensure you still have the necessary systems and support in place to carry on trouble-free, with business as usual.

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