Prison 0800 Numbers | Personal Use Tollfree

Perfect for payphone and prison calling

0800 PrePaid Costs

$0.30 / min

Free Setup*

All prices include GST

*Free setup for limited time. $10 Account credit required.

Get your prison 0800 number configured within hours!**

Personal 0800 Numbers

Wherever you are in New Zealand, secure your prison 0800 number with our PrePaid 0800 numbers.


Our toll-free service is very easy and just works. We allocate a 0800 number to you. Just tell us where you want those calls to go and we’ll direct your 0800 number calls to that number. Designed with New Zealand prison calling in mind. No surcharge from payphones.

With zero monthly fees, this keeps the cost of this service at an affordable rate and just pay for your call usage only. Top up with your credit or Visia debit card to ensure your 0800 number is always working.


Competitive pricing on toll-free 0800 numbers


Our toll free calling rates are fixed per minute no matter where the call comes from or goes to.  Toll-free numbers can be redirected to your existing landline /mobile at no extra charge. Our personal 0800 number service is PrePaid only. If you’re looking for an 0800 number for business, check out our business plans.


Will changing my toll-free provider affect my current phone system?

No. Our standalone option means your toll-free 0800 number is in the cloud and simply diverts to your existing phone number (including mobile numbers).

Can I pick a new 0800 number?

With our personal number service, a number will be allocated to you.

What term is required for Cloud Edge's 0800 number services?

None! As our service is all prepaid, there is no term. Accounts with no account credit topups within three months are however demend to be inactive and will be closed.