Send a message straight to their phone

Text message communication cuts through

Bypass busy inboxes & get in front of your clients

SMS Gateway Provider for Business SMS

Online Shopping

Send a SMS out to your loyal customers letting them know when promotions and speclial offers are on. Even send out offer codes to repeat customers for further incentives.

Service Industry

Send a reminder SMS to your client the day before an appointment. Ensuring your service get used, rather than your time wasted on missed appointments.

Trades people

Get a SMS sent to your customers to keep them updated for times and your changing schedual. As well as reminders of their appointments to keep your day rolling on time.

Important Updates

All businesses need to let their customers know important information quickly. Our SMS system is on hand to get your message out quickly and clearly.

How does it work?

Send messages from your computer, email or most CRMs to get in front of your clients instantly. Send everything from confirming an appointment time through to special offers and mobile txt messages. Send messages to individuals or add a bulk list of numbers, ready for your next marketing campaign. With messages priced at $0.12 + GST each, this is a very cost-effective and simple way of reaching out to your clients.

Will it work with my current system?

Cloud Edge’s SMS gateway allows your team to send and receive SMS messages directly from any web-enabled computer. Our platform supports a wide range of pre-built integrations to make sending SMS messages easier.

Integrate with staff scheduling systems, appointment booking system and most CRM platforms. Automate notices like whether your casual employees are working tomorrow, remind clients of appointments 24 hours out, provide follow-up options for your sales team to pipeline important leads.

Ask us about custom integrations. Let us know what you would like to achieve and we’ll have you sending SMS in no time!

Can I run an inbound SMS promotion?

Grab yourself a dedicated number and create a new sales pipeline right away. The options are endless – use keywords and automated replies, run promotions, deliver information, even give away vouchers.

Talk to our team about getting more leads using SMS today.

What’s it going to cost me?

Our SMS gateway is a Pre-paid system and you will need to ensure you have an active balance to send messages.

Per SMS Message$0.12
Dedicated Number (For inbound txt “car” to 4455 etc)$325.00 /month
Dedicated Number (Setup Fee)$325.00

*Prices exclude GST and are for NZ based mobile numbers only.

Can I try it out?

Get started today with a free account loaded with $1 to test out the platform

Just follow the link below, fill in the form to get started with sending messages to your clients today.
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