~ Internet plans to suit your needs ~

We supply great value business internet

If you are a small to medium sized business, we can help with a great internet plan. We’ll do our best to simplify the process and explain your options to you, which include enterprise options (available with our dedicated internet plans).

~ Business Internet ~

ADSL | VSDL | UFB with unlimited data

We assist small to medium sized businesses throughout NZ with their internet (and their phones and IT needs too). If you’re looking for the right internet plan for your organisation, at the right price, by a reliable Kiwi supplier, contact us today. All our internet plans come with unlimited data to ensure your bill never blows out every month.


~ Dedicated Business Internet ~

Enterprise internet options

Do you have more than 50 staff? Need a connection with high bandwidth? We can provide everything from access port to the entire bandwidth.

This is the option for you if your business needs nothing short of the fastest internet possible.