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0800 & 0508 Numbers NZ

Get your customers calling

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can help secure your toll-free 0800 number

Our toll-free service is very easy and just works. Pick your number or transfer an existing in. Tell us where you want those calls to go and we’ll direct your 0800 number calls to that number. Our toll-free services operate on a pre-paid system. Post-paid options are available for customers using our full phone systems.

Secure your own toll-free number today and start providing free calls from mobiles and landlines to your business.

0800 Number Costs

per Month Account Fee*

per Minute charge*

One-off Setup Fee*

*All pricing is excluding GST

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Want To Check If Your Number Is Available?

Use our number checker to get an idea before you submit your order.

Wanting a word number like 0800 Cloud Edge? Try our number checker to see if your word number is available. 

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Can I keep my existing 0508 or 0800 number?

Yes, you can keep your existing toll free numbers. This is included in the setup fee.

Will changing my toll-free provider affect my current phone system?

No. Our standalone option means your toll-free 0800 number is in the cloud and simply diverts to your existing phone number (including mobile numbers).

How difficult is it to change my 0800 number to Cloud Edge?

Painless! We do it all for you. We just need your latest phone bill that includes your toll free number to get started.

Can I pick a new 0800 number?

Absolutely! Toll-free numbers aren’t owned by any particular organisation so there is no list available of available numbers. If you have a number in mind, feel free to phone it and see if it works – or we can do this for you. If the number doesn’t ring, there is a good chance the number is available.

What term is required for Cloud Edge's 0800 number services?

None! All of our 0800 numbers are open term. 30 Days notice is required to terminate any number though.

We are independent of the big companies so we can pass on better pricing to you and quality Kiwi-based support. Call us today on 0800 303 202 to secure your 0800 number.