0800 Numbers & 0508 Numbers

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can help secure your toll free number

Your toll free phone number can be included with your choice of phone package, or provided to you as a standalone toll free number. Standalone options allow for the full feature set of our cloud PBX as well as greater savings, without replacing your existing phone system.

Competitive pricing on toll free numbers

We can provide packages that include all your toll free calling with monthly bundled minutes. Alternatively, our toll free calling rates are as low as 6c per minute from a landline, or 18c per minute from a mobile phone. Toll free lines start from as little as $20.00 a month redirecting to your existing landline/mobile number.

Ask us to review your existing service today to provide a customised toll free package to suit the needs of your business.

Toll free pricing

Service Price (Monthly excl GST)
Toll free number redirection to NZ landline or NZ mobile
Price (Monthly excl GST):
Toll free number redirection with our business phone plans
Price (Monthly excl GST):
Call Type Cost per minute (excl GST)
Call Type:
NZ Landline number to NZ Landline
Cost per minute (excl GST):
Call Type:
NZ Mobile number to NZ Landline
Cost per minute (excl GST):
Call Type:
NZ Landline number to NZ Mobile
Cost per minute (excl GST):
Call Type:
NZ Mobile number to NZ Mobile
Cost per minute (excl GST):
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Ready to order?


Yes, you can keep your existing toll free numbers.

No. Our standalone option means your toll free number is in the cloud and simply diverts to your existing phone number (including mobile numbers).

Painless! We do it all for you. We just need your latest phone bill that includes your toll free number to get started.

Absolutely! Toll free numbers aren’t owned by any particular organisation so there is no list available of available numbers. If you have a number in mind, feel free to phone it and see if it works – or we can do this for you. If the number doesn’t ring, there is a good chance the number is available.

We are independent from the big companies so we can pass on better pricing to you and quality Kiwi-based support. Call us today on 0800 303 202 to secure your 0800 number.