How 0800 Helps Brands

We don’t know about you, but there’s only one ordinary phone number we can remember – our own. Who’s got the time or energy to memorise a series of random numbers? It’s like being asked to look at a barcode for two minutes and then write it out in its exact sequence. That’s why so many businesses choose to associate their brand with an easy-to-remember 0800 number. Not only are they customisable to each unique brand, but they’re super […]

Woman Calling 0800 Number on iPhone

How 0800 numbers help trades

We’re all familiar with the 0800 code. Ever ordered a pizza? We often see 0800 numbers for large-scale businesses that offer a service, but did you know 0800 numbers help hundreds of trades too? 0800 is essentially a national number that operates from a landline. It is toll free, meaning customers can call the line without paying a single cent. So how does this benefit local trades?
Uniformity and customer satisfaction
Having a toll free, 0800 number can help trades of […]