Private Branch Exchange Features (PBX)

What is PBX?

Modern PBX systems make communication within a company easier and more reliable. Today, these are most commonly cloud-based systems, meaning you only require onsite physical or softphones to enable service.

cloud based phone with headset

Features Include

Call Blocking

Call blocking, call forwarding, call logging, call transfer, and call waiting are all options for managing calls.

Call Recording

Call recording, voicemail, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and DID (Direct Inward Dialling) all help to streamline the customer experience (Direct Inward Dialling). Other customer-facing features that are frequently incorporated with a PBX include bespoke greetings, welcome messages, and hold music.

Conference Calls

Conference calls and internal extensions are used for internal communication.

Local Connections

Local connections enable users to have local phone numbers in cities where they are not physically present, allowing for the creation of “virtual offices” anywhere.

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