What is a Soft Phone?

A softphone is a piece of software that allows users to make phone calls using their computer or smartphone through the internet. It has all of the functions of a desk phone and, in most cases, increases the services available on a desk phone. Most importantly, you can take your business phone with you wherever you go with a softphone. It may be installed on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, giving you access to the same high-performance and reliable connectivity as your work phone. It makes mobile working easier because you can keep working on the portable device, you’re carrying with you.

Soft Phones for Business

When you set your status to away, your work phone won’t ring; instead, it will go straight to voicemail or be directed to another person who is accessible. Your employees can also use a softphone to make outgoing calls from their smartphone, which appear to your clients and partners as though they were made from a work phone. So that your employees can take use of the ease of their preferred device or smartphone while also benefiting from the security and professionalism of a business phone number.

lady on the phone while looking at laptop

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