Moving Providers

Cloud edge makes switching from your current provider to us easy

For landlines, porting can take up to three days. You won’t be able to use your landline while your number is being migrated, so make sure you have another means of communication, such as a cell phone, available during this time.

There is a small charge to switch service providers and to port (keep) your phone number; however, you should verify with your current provider to see if there are any outstanding payments or if you will be charged for breaking your contract.

In most cases at Cloud Edge, we provide your phones to you early and these can be used for outbound calls. They will automatically switch over for inbound calls. The general downtime can be up to an hour when you decide to switch to us. The process for the internet is much the same. In most cases is available the next business day.

Phone tower with connection lines coming out of it

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