internet speed

What is a good internet speed?

What is a good internet speed?
Is your internet speed any good? Here’s a guide that should help put you in the picture.
What internet plan do you have?
Do you know what internet plan you have, out of the available options – UFB, VDSL or ADSL? These plans will limit your internet speed. If you’re not sure, look at your last internet bill which will tell you what you have. (Be aware though, you can upgrade your plan – more on […]

concept of digital technology

VDSL vs ADSL – what’s the difference?

VDSL vs ADSL – what’s the difference?
A very common question we get asked is, “What is the difference between VDSL and ADSL internet?” The answer to this is simple. Speed.
VDSL connections are capable of far greater speeds over ADSL connections. In fact, ADSL usually averages between 5-10 Mbps download while VDSL can peak up to 70 Mbps, with a lower end rate of around 15 Mbps.
Can I get ADSL or VDSL for my business internet?
The short answer is, if you’ve got […]

CRM features

Top 5 must-have CRM features

Top 5 must-have CRM features
A question we get asked all the time is “What is the best CRM for my business?”. The answer to this varies widely based on the requirements of each business. For example, trades tend to need the ability to track jobs, while a professional service business requires contract management or support ticket functions.
One thing we have found is that every CRM is not created equal. Some of the features range quite wildly from product to […]

what is sms

What is an SMS gateway?

What is an SMS gateway?
An SMS gateway is a platform built to allow computers to send and receive single or bulk Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions, to or from a mobile phone, anywhere around the world. In simple language, It’s the ability to send SMS messages (otherwise known as TXT messages) directly from your computer. This makes sending bulk TXT messages really easy.
How does an SMS gateway work?
To send and receive TXT messages, an SMS gateway connects with core […]

security breach

5 Easy Ways to Hack Your Business

5 Easy Ways to Hack Your Business
Security breaches happen all the time and it’s not just government departments that get hacked. We don’t hear much about it though because who wants to admit their data was compromised?
If you’re in business, you can guard yourself against some of the more common hacks. Here are five easy ways in:
1. Through your wi-fi network

People tend to think their wi-fi connection is safe and secure because they’ve attached a password to their wi-fi […]

Timesheet software help

The Top 6 Reasons To Use Timesheets

The Top 6 Reasons For Businesses To Use Timesheets
How do you and your team feel about timesheets? Are timesheets a form of micro-management? Hate the idea or love it, having your team fill out timesheets every day provides an abundance of useful information which will help you run your company more profitably.
1  Project Planning
When projects are broken down into a series of tasks, you get a realistic overview of what’s involved in the project, ensuring no steps are missed […]

VoIP phone costs and savings

What Does VoIP Cost?

What does VoIP cost?
If you’ve heard about VoIP and some of the benefits, you might be thinking about switching over your current phone system. Because no-one likes nasty surprises, we’re here to tell you what you can expect to pay to change over to VoIP.
Calling rates
VoIP offers extremely good savings on phone calling rates. It can be as cheap to call the USA, UK and other overseas destinations as making a national toll call.
VoIP offers cost savings to businesses […]

CRM systems

Picking the right CRM

A good CRM will prevent important leads and contact details disappearing into the dark recesses of your computer, but with hundreds of CRMs on the market today, how do you choose the best fit for your business?
What to look for in a CRM
Your CRM should make things easier for you, not harder, so take a minute to think about what you’re going to need your CRM to do for you.
1.  Features
What features do you need? CRMs vary widely with […]

SharePoint Online Document Management System

Sharepoint Online – Document Management Made Easy

Are you sharing files between your team? Collaborating with colleagues in different locations? Getting different versions of the same document mixed up and don’t know which one’s the latest? Sounds like it’s time to get a document management system.
Have you tried SharePoint Online?
There are different systems around and most have some pretty fancy features – more than what you need right now – and with fancy price tags to boot.
Do you have Microsoft Office 365 for your workplace email? […]


How 0800 Helps Brands

We don’t know about you, but there’s only one ordinary phone number we can remember – our own. Who’s got the time or energy to memorise a series of random numbers? It’s like being asked to look at a barcode for two minutes and then write it out in its exact sequence. That’s why so many businesses choose to associate their brand with an easy-to-remember 0800 number. Not only are they customisable to each unique brand, but they’re super […]