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SSD vs HDD, What’s The Difference & Why Do I Need One?

SSD vs HDD, Everything you need to know!
Is it time to get a faster, better performing PC?
The Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device far superior to traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) which have been around since the 1950s. The SSD has a good number of advantages.
What’s so great about SSD?
We thought about boring you with all the technical details on how the mechanics of the SSD differ from the HDD, but all you really need to know […]

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Is your business experiencing growing pains?

Sound familiar?
As companies experience growth, they outgrow their existing infrastructure. Take company A for example: a single office phone is fine to start the business with, until there are three salespeople on the road with mobiles. Suddenly this company’s phone bill is through the roof!
Or what about company B? The systems this company is using are perfectly fine until a new person joins the team and gets their computer set up with the latest programs. Now there are computers […]

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Is your company data backed up for the holidays?

Is your company data backed up for the holidays?
Before you take off on your Christmas break, have you taken a moment to check your backups are working and tested? A backup is no good to you if it can’t restore your data.
Perhaps you’re already in the cloud and you’re fine? That’s awesome! You are protected. But wait. There’s more you should know.
Check important data is backed up
While in the cloud, many companies also hold some data at a local […]


Wi-Fi dead spots? Internet dropping off?

Wi-Fi dead spots? Internet dropping off?
If this is happening to you, then you’re one of plenty who are wondering what all the hype is over superfast internet.
Let’s clear up your disappointment and frustration right now, with an explanation of the most common trouble in this area.
Wi-Fi vs internet
‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘internet’ are terms that are often confused and mixed up together but there’s an important distinction between the two. Once you know what this is, you’ll understand why your internet […]


What is PBX?

What is PBX?
PBX is an acronym for ‘private branch exchange’, so in simple terms a PBX is a private phone network used within an organisation. To put this in perspective, switchboard operators were operating the first PBX systems when they once routed calls by hand.
Why have a PBX?
For may businesses, a PBX system makes sense. The PBX allows for calls to be transferred internally and teams can place outgoing calls on shared phone lines, reducing the cost to the […]


How do I get an 0800 number?

How do I get an 0800 number?
To get an 0800 number all you need to do is contact a telecommunications provider (such as Cloud Edge) who can set this up for you. Ready to go? Fill in our form below or call us today on 0800 303 202.
You don’t need any special equipment to get an 0800 number. All you need is a phone to receive calls.
Which toll free number should I get?
In New Zealand you have a choice […]

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How does VoIP work?

How does VoIP work?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the delivery of voice communications and multimedia calls over the internet.
How it works is VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, takes analogue audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.
How is VoIP useful?
VoIP solutions for businesses have evolved into unified communications services that treat all communications – phone calls, faxes, voice mail, […]


Ransomware and what you need to know

Recent events
Ransomware is the most common malware doing the rounds at the moment, with two separate spates of it reported in the last two months.
Last month’s attack was reported to have started in Ukraine before spreading around the world to infect over 12,000 machines in over 65 countries, including the US, Europe and Asia. It hit some major corporations along the way, including hospitals in the US, Cadbury here in New Zealand and global shipping giant Maersk, affecting our […]

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Copper phone lines vs fibre and VoIP

Today we rely on fibre like we used to rely on copper.
Since the late 1800s, shortly after the telephone was invented, landlines relied on copper to transmit sound. Switchboard operators were in high demand and rotary diallers were all the rage. Our communications technology was quite a different scene a hundred years ago.
Today’s phones
Fast forward to today and the operators, rotary diallers and chunky corded phones are all gone. Today’s phones can text, pay for things like parking and […]


How to stay plugged in while overseas

When you’re the key person in your company, it can be a worry to step away for an overdue holiday or a necessary trip away. Recently my wife and I took a well-deserved break to LA and Las Vegas and here’s how modern technology kept us in touch with home and business …
Step 1 – make your friends jealous
First of all, like most people, once I landed at LAX my first point of contact was with Facebook to check […]