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The majority of office meetings and business negotiations are now conducted online. Teleconferencing is one of the possibilities. Many businesses and employees value the benefits of virtual conferences, especially now that calling platforms have made setting up teleconference calls easier than ever.

What Is Teleconferencing?

A teleconference is a live audio or video meeting between two or more people who are located in different places. Video meetings, in which participants can see each other, are far more popular than audio meetings. Since 2020, daily use of video conferencing has increased by 535%. This has been influenced primarily by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also by the growing popularity of remote work. Conference calls can be set up in minutes and are ideal for discussing pressing issues. Even if your clients or team members are thousands of miles apart, you only need to send out invitations and your meeting can begin.

What Are The Advantages Of Teleconferencing?

Nearly 79% of working professionals believe virtual meetings are equally or more productive than in-person ones. Moving meetings online has greatly aided in connecting people who work remotely. Companies can now host online conferences for as many attendees as needed without experiencing disconnections, poor sound, or lag, thanks to rapid improvements in global internet speeds. Other benefits include:

  • Better attendance
  • Calls can be recorded
  • Reduce travel time
  • Easier to schedule for same day

What Is Required For Teleconferencing?

A stable internet connection is the most important thing. While you can plan and make urgent calls using both WiFi and mobile data, using a wired LAN connection will result in the best possible call quality. A teleconferencing platform is also essential. The next thing you’ll need for meeting hosting is software like BlueJeans or Zoom, which makes scheduling meetings with both team members and guests simple. Other important pieces of equipment you’ll need are a desktop or mobile device, webcam and microphone.

Conference calls are an excellent way to save time and money while increasing productivity. Regular office meetings are unlikely to disappear entirely. They enable your team to meet in person and form relationships. However, teleconferencing is unquestionably the future of the new remote era. It provides freedom because you can be anywhere and still attend a meeting. Contact Cloud Edge now to learn about Verizon’s very own teleconferencing software. And if your interest needs updating, we have a range of internet upgrades for you as well!