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As businesses shift their phone systems to the cloud, the most likely question on your mind as a business owner or IT manager is whether cloud Hosted PBx is right for you or a passing fad that will be replaced by the next innovation. You most likely already have an existing phone system that meets your company‚Äôs needs, and you’re wondering whether there are any incentives to replace your present system with a new one. Here are five benefits of cloud hosting PBx:

You May Keep Your Current Phone System:

Companies who do not want to disturb their existing solution but yet want to reap the benefits of cloud-hosted PBX in a new city or branch office can profit from cloud Hosted PBx since it can be simply linked with any older system or device with a few easy clicks. You don’t even need to acquire any new hardware if your previous system supports VoIP. Cloud Hosted PBx may connect to any existing infrastructure, providing you with greater control over how your calls are routed. Cloud Hosted PBx may be set to allow users on both systems to call each other while also allowing older PBx users to call each other using cheaper VoIP routes. This might be advantageous if you wish to preserve your in-house PBx while still having access to trunk lines at reasonable rates, providing your organisation with a broader reach.

Cost Effective:

Because your complete phone system is hosted and maintained in the cloud, you do not need to invest in expensive hardware when using a cloud-based PBX service. You simply pay for the services you use, saving you from the significant capital expense and technical know-how required to set up your system. From the standpoint of the Service Provider, the cost is typically divided across thousands of users, greatly lowering the per-unit usage/subscription cost for the consumer as compared to the cost of fixed lines.
Cloud Hosted PBX is not geographically constrained, which might result in substantial call savings for enterprises such as call centres that handle a high number of long-distance calls. This implies that your complete organisation, regardless of location, may integrate their communication infrastructure into a single system, making calls from one branch to another appear to be internal communications. The abundance of call plans that offer unlimited calls to mobile phones will result in a large decrease in average cost per call.

Quality Of the Voice Calls:

Voice communication over the internet has greatly improved because of enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) methods, higher compression rates, and faster internet connections. Various tests may be performed by your service provider prior to the start of your VoIP service to assess the quality of your internet connection and propose the best VoIP solution for your location. With voice prioritisation and other packet loss resilience strategies, Cloud Hosted PBX may now provide high-quality conversations over the internet. Many service providers now offer dedicated Fibre Broadband, 4G, or ADSL networks, allowing QoS schemes to be applied holistically from the central office to the user, ensuring exceptional voice call quality.


Office extension on a conventional PBX comprises buying the hardware, scheduling an appointment for a technician to analyse your call flow requirements, and then travelling onsite for installation. This might take many weeks to several months. Setting up a cloud Hosted PBX is quick and simple. Provisioning is often instant and is accomplished through the use of a graphical user interface accessible via your desktop computer. Because everything is software-based, adding a phone line or 20 new lines usually takes a few minutes (or clicks). You also save time on server maintenance and equipment updates because the service provider often has a staff of dedicated professionals working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure you have no downtime.


Cloud Hosted PBX allows you to connect from anywhere in the globe using your VoIP phone, a smartphone with VoIP software, or any desktop PC. Your staff may now work from home or even abroad at any time using the same office number and chosen device. You may transfer workplace calls from your desk phone to your softphone and answer calls while they are in transit. The strength of flexibility may also boost your client reachability, as you can quickly connect virtual or toll-free lines, such as 0800 numbers, to your cloud Hosted PBX and accept calls whether you are in a distant location or in your office.

There is no reason to remain with a more expensive way such as traditional PBX phone systems when cloud-based PBX phone systems provide easier scalability, more functionality, and greater dependability. At Cloud Edge, we provide cloud PBX phone systems tailored to each client’s specific needs, allowing them to save money and time that might be spent on more productive duties.