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 ADSL and VDSL Difference

A very common question we get asked is, “What is the difference between VDSL and ADSL internet?” The answer to this is simple. Speed.

VDSL connections are capable of far greater speeds over ADSL connections. In fact, ADSL usually averages between 5-10 Mbps download while VDSL can peak up to 70 Mbps, with a lower end rate of around 15 Mbps.

Can I get ADSL or VDSL for my business internet?

The short answer is, if you’ve got existing copper phone lines, chances are you can get either ADSL or VDSL business internet. Both VDSL and ADSL use your existing copper lines to provide access to the internet but each service type was not made equal. ADSL is now commonly classed as a legacy internet connection and not something we’d usually recommend installing into your home or business.

VDSL however, does require a better line connection which requires you to be physically located closer to the local telephone exchange whereas with ADSL you can be located further away. Talk with your ISP to find out what your options are.

How does ADSL or VDSL compare to fibre internet?

There is no competition when it comes to copper solutions like ADSL or VDSL compared to fibre internet. Business connections using fibre are far more reliable and can obtain speeds that you just cannot see on the standard ADSL or VDSL business plans. If you have the ability to order fibre (UFB) internet for your workplace, make sure to talk to your ISP  to review your options.

What else do I need to know?

VDSL is the clear winner over ADSL connections any day of the week. Not all ADSL routers are capable of running a VDSL connection and you’d need to check with your ISP if your ADSL plan/gear is capable of being upgraded to VDSL.

Copper lines are slowly being replaced around New Zealand and you’ll find that new buildings are becoming fibre only. This has an impact on both ADSL and VDSL as these services are only available via the legacy copper network.

Heard of rain fade? Beware that harsh weather connections can impact the quality and performance of the internet connection you get via a copper solution. Expect speeds to slow down on both ADSL and VDSL connections in adverse weather.

For sound independent advice around which connection is best for your business, contact one of our team today or fill in the form below.

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