What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway is a platform built to allow computers to send and receive single or bulk Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions, to or from a mobile phone, anywhere around the world. In simple language, It’s the ability to send SMS messages (otherwise known as TXT messages) directly from your computer. This makes sending bulk TXT messages really easy.

How does an SMS gateway work?

To send and receive TXT messages, an SMS gateway connects with core mobile network providers to obtain access directly to their services. The SMS gateway converts the message from whatever format you’ve submitted it in (email, direct from the website or data from integrated platforms) into the mobile support SMS format. Once the conversion is completed, the data is then sent out to your end users’ mobile devices.

Why do I need to use an SMS gateway?

The prime reason is it makes sending bulk TXT messages easy. With lots of integrations just a click or two away, you can send everything from appointment reminders for your spa service through to notifications that your car is ready to be picked up after its service.

Best of all, with the ability to set up a custom number for your business and create unique keywords to automate marketing funnels, there’s great scope here. You could ask your client prospects to TXT “car” to 5545 to get 10% off their next warrant of fitness, then automate the replies with voucher codes, storing the client’s mobile number for further promotions.

How do you get started?

Our SMS gateway platform comes with a free trial so take it for a spin! Just fill in the form below and we’ll help you get started with a new account loaded up with a few messages ready to send. Test out the built-in integrations or talk to our team for help with custom integrations.

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