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We don’t know about you, but there’s only one ordinary phone number we can remember – our own. Who’s got the time or energy to memorise a series of random numbers? It’s like being asked to look at a barcode for two minutes and then write it out in its exact sequence. That’s why so many businesses choose to associate their brand with an easy-to-remember 0800 number. Not only are they customisable to each unique brand, but they’re super memorable!

The Benefits of 0800 Numbers

You might be thinking a phone number could hardly play a significant marketing or advertising role, but if that’s your line of thought, you’re going to be surprised. 0800 numbers are, aside from being memorable, a fantastic way to advertise a national presence – and not just any presence, but a credible and professional one. It shows that your brand is accessible to everyone in the country, and that you have a secure and efficient phone-line connection.

0800 numbers are free for callers calling from landlines and mobiles, so customers are more likely to give you a buzz to enquire about a service or product, provide feedback or ask queries, when they know they’re not losing out on credit. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. 0800 numbers also provide a sense of unity, as all the phones across your brand use the same number. This means that customers can call one office and be directed to someone better suited to answer their query in another location, seamlessly. It also means there is no need to reprint business cards or other stationery if your location changes, because the number remains the same.

Join the 0800 Family!

If you don’t yet have a 0800 number, Cloud Edge can help you secure a toll free number. We offer complete phone packages, or simple standalone 0800 numbers which allow for the full feature set of our cloud PBX. 0800 numbers can save you money, increase workplace efficiency and boost your business’ brand without you having to replace your existing phone system, so why wouldn’t you make the switch?

Do you have a trade business? Check out our blog about How 0800 Numbers Help Trades.

Our 0800 number prices are competitive too. We can provide packages that include all your toll free calling with monthly bundled minutes, or alternatively, our toll free calling rates are as low as 6c per minute from a landline, or 18c per minute from a mobile phone. Toll free lines are charged based on your usage only and toll free numbers can be redirected to your existing landline/mobile number at no extra charge. To find out more about 0800 or VOIP phone services, get in touch with us!

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