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We’re all familiar with the 0800 code. Ever ordered a pizza? We often see 0800 numbers for large-scale businesses that offer a service, but did you know 0800 numbers help hundreds of trades too? 0800 is essentially a national number that operates from a landline. It is toll free, meaning customers can call the line without paying a single cent. So how does this benefit local trades?

Uniformity and customer satisfaction

Having a toll free, 0800 number can help trades of all disciplines as it allows you to track calls and keep all calls under one roof. Say you run a company that has multiple vehicles driving up and down the country, like a plumbing company. Having a 0800 number that works between multiple connections and is not region specific will help managers and business owners keep in touch with their employees at an affordable rate and with minimal interruptions.

Not only does it help franchises stay together, but it increases business too. Being free and all, customers are more likely to call an 0800 number than one that will charge them dollars or a portion of their mobile plan. It removes barriers and increases efficiency, as 0800 calls can be routed to the most appropriate answer point. If Luke picks up the call but Stacey in another department is fit to answer the customer’s query, he can dial the call through to her in no time.

Professional and international

0800 numbers also make businesses appear more professional, driving customer loyalty. The number becomes a memorable part of the business’ identity, which is great for marketing purposes! They even do their little bit to reduce waste. How, you ask? Well, 0800 numbers aren’t specific to a region or to any location, so if businesses move offices or expand, they don’t need to reprint business cards, stationary or outgoing files. It is a portable number that increases work flexibility and reliability. Customers and employees will both enjoy this simple communication solution. Oh, and did we mention 0800 numbers can be extended to include international calls? Move over 007, 0800 is the new do-all bad boy in town!

How we can help

At Cloud Edge, we provide 0800 numbers anywhere and everywhere in New Zealand. We give you the freedom to choose from phone packages inclusive of a toll free phone number, or a standalone toll free number. Standalone options allow for the full feature set of our cloud PBX as well as greater savings, without replacing your existing phone system. Easy!

We offer highly competitive pricing on 0800 numbers in NZ and customized toll free packages. To enquire further about a business phone, get in touch with us today!


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