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Did you know your monthly phone bills, including calling, can be fixed so you know what you’re paying every month? We tell you how …

We offer phone packages with pre-allocations of minutes based on your requirements plus we regularly save clients between 20-80% on their monthly phone bills. Take a look at a couple of case studies below.

Case study #1 – small Lower Hutt company with two phone lines and eight staff

This company was paying a larger telco: $245.60 for phone and internet. On top of this they were paying an additional $17.53 for that month’s toll calls. This brings their monthly bill for phone and internet, including calls, to $263.13 for one month.

We have offered this company fixed billing so their calls are included in their monthly billing, meaning every month they will know what to expect, making budgeting easy.

In addition to this, we have suggested an increase to both their internet speed and data caps, as well as a robust solution that allows for a third employee (who works in another region) to also have a phone line.

We also included replacement of their entire phone hardware in our pricing.

Their new fixed monthly billing, including calling, new hardware and an additional phone line, plus a faster internet connection, came to a total of $210 per month.

Case study #2 – bigger Hutt Valley company with a dated onsite phone system

Given the age of their current phone system, this company was paying in excess of $2,500 per month in line charges and support fees.

In addition, with the larger amount of staff, they had a dedicated fibre internet connection, with limited data caps. This was charged at an extra $800 per month, with regular excess data charges on top.

The total rental bill for this company was $3,300 per month, with excess data and calling charges ranging from $200-$1,000 on top, depending on demand.

Our solution was to replace the aging PBX with a cloud solution. This immediately reduced the phone portion of their bill down to $750 per month, including calling. A new internet service was also provisioned, with an unlimited data plan at a cost of $780 per month for a dedicated internet service. This brought their new total to $1,530, with no extra charges per month.

For more information on some of our basic packages, take a look at our business phone solutions and internet plans.

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