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What does VoIP cost?

If you’ve heard about VoIP and some of the benefits, you might be thinking about switching over your current phone system. Because no-one likes nasty surprises, we’re here to tell you what you can expect to pay to change over to VoIP.

Calling rates

VoIP offers extremely good savings on phone calling rates. It can be as cheap to call the USA, UK and other overseas destinations as making a national toll call.

VoIP offers cost savings to businesses of anywhere between 20-80% and that’s not a one time, one-off. To put this in perspective, if a company’s phone bill is usually $500, with an 80% saving per month, that bill reduces from $500 a month to $100 each month.

We find almost all companies see a reduction in calling once they switch over to VoIP.

The savings are so good because calls are made over the internet using the existing network. Since individual call charges are the bulk of the phone bill, this reduces the cost considerably.

VoIP set-up costs

There will be an initial set-up cost to replace your phones with VoIP phones. There may also be other hardware required to convert the current system. The set-up cost will vary from one company to the next, depending on these requirements and the number of users.

Ask your VoIP service provider to supply you with a quote including the cost of any hardware that may be needed.

Installation costs may be charged upfront or you may be offered a payment plan to cover the initial set-up.

Free software

There is free calling software, such as Skype or FaceTime, but if you’re in business, only a paid VoIP service will provide the functionality, reliability and support that businesses rely on to run smoothly. You get what you pay for.

Cloud Edge is proud to operate with transparent pricing with no hidden extras. If you’re considering moving to VoIP and you’d like a quote, why not start by sending us your current phone bill? We’ll tell you right at the start whether we can save you money on your phone bills and how much. We can also tell you what your set-up cost will be, so get in touch with us today.

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