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Charities are eligible for stacks of free and hugely discounted products and services and often don’t realise the extent of what’s available for their IT.

How does a huge boost to your donations sound?

Imagine your charity has a $4,000 Google Adwords budget, so you set up an online donation portal on your website to act as a funnel to capture those donations. Even if only 1% of people who see your Google ads donate to your cause, can you imagine how much this would boost the coffers of your charity?

Charities qualify for up to USD $10,000 Google Adwords spend per month. (More on this below.)

What about an upgrade of your office equipment?

You don’t need to be chugging away on an old, outdated office system just because you’re a charity and think you can’t afford anything better.

Perhaps you’re using an old version of Word, unprofessional looking email accounts like xtra or gmail; or horror of horrors, you have no backup system in place at all?

All of these things can be sorted at little or no cost to you, with the only qualifying criteria that you hold charity status.

The down side

The only down side we can see is, amongst the myriad of discounted and free stuff that’s available to you, you can easily get lost amidst all the options, not knowing what you need or what you should get. This is where charities often get stuck and don’t move forward, but we can help with all that.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the more common things available to you first.

What kind of stuff can your charity get?

Here’s a very brief overview of what most charities qualify for, amongst the wide range of products, services and software licences either at hugely discounted rates or entirely for free:

  • Microsoft Azure – this is anything from the cloud platform like website hosting, backups, storage, cloud hosted virtual desktops or servers, We’re talking hundreds of options!
  • Google AdWords. If you have a website you’re sure to be aware of what Google Adwords can do for your charity’s online exposure. Healthcare and education charities are excluded from this one unfortunately, amongst a few others. Many charities however, will be eligible to qualify for a monthly Adwords spend of up to USD $10,000
  • Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft’s premier online email service using your custom domain name. This package can include the full current and up to date Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), as well as SharePoint Online for online document storage
  • Google Apps. This is basically the same as Microsoft Office 365 but Google’s version of programmes and email service.

We’ve mentioned only a few things here of what’s available to charities. To view an extensive list of hundreds and thousands of products and services your charity can take advantage of at really cheap prices, visit You’ll see us there as well, listed as a trusted IT supplier.

If this all seems too good to be true, or too confusing, just give us a call and book in for a free consultation with us. Out of the lengthy list of what’s on offer, we can help to guide your charity on the best solutions for you at the right price points.

Call us today on 0800 303 202 or email to get started.

PS. Feel free to pass this information on to other charities you know.

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