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Enjoy the savings that come with VoIP systems for businesses

VoIP phone systems are convenient and flexible, offering a great solution to most business communication needs. They have many benefits over traditional phone systems, and especially with the increased installation of fibre across New Zealand they are reliable and fast, with the capacity for huge amounts of data transfer.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for many businesses, however, is the fact that VoIP can save money. Traditional telephones are bulky, inflexible and costly. We believe that VoIP is the future for modern companies and their communications both internal and external. 


Here are a few ways that VoIP can bring your costs down.


It reduces hardware cost

Traditional phones can get pricey, especially when you are having to equip an entire call centre or sales team with them. VoIP systems cost much less in this regard, with minimal equipment required.

With less hardware comes less money spent on repair and replacement. As more businesses move their telephony to the internet and phone systems become more obsolete, there will be fewer experts in the field and less availability of parts, driving up the costs of maintenance. A traditional system will quickly become an expensive burden.

VoIP can use standard desk phones, but can also use softphones, which is essentially software turning a computer into a phone with just a headset. If you opt for softphones, the setup cost is minimal.


It slashes calling fees

When using VoIP, calling fees are much less—in fact, it can cut your calling fees by half or more. For businesses with large call volumes, this is a big money saver, and one that continues long term.


It allows for remote work

Allowing employees to work remotely is fast becoming more normal, and it saves businesses money on office space as well as generally increasing productivity. Remote work is becoming a phenomenon, and many companies are starting the way they intend to continue—with no physical office.

VoIP is hugely flexible and makes it easy to set up a worker with a phone connection that they can use from anywhere, including their home. As long as they have an internet connection, they can do their job.

It eliminates many IT hours

Once set up, a VoIP network is easy to manage. Adding new accounts or numbers is as simple as a few clicks, and requires no messing about with hardware and phone lines. This greatly reduces the work hours required by IT employees or systems admins, which is a cost saving for any business. 

As VoIP often lives in the cloud, it is much less likely to fail. Any problems that do arise are simpler to fix and can be solved with an alternate internet connection.


It’s scalable

Using VoIP is not just for big businesses. Small businesses can take advantage of the savings too, as the service is very scalable. When your company grows, your VoIP system can grow with it, and without much in the way of added costs—no new phone line installations. There’s no need to upgrade hardware and communications centres as your business grows in scope, as it’s all hosted on the cloud. It can even see your business grow into new spaces without big extra costs.

Cloud Edge can get Kiwi businesses set up with affordable, flexible VoIP plans. Get in contact with the team and find out how you can take advantage of the savings offered by internet-based calling.